>Happy Halloween

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Vintage Halloween Post Card, originally uploaded by riptheskull.

>Amazing Russian Crochet

>Found this site that shows tons of Russian crochet or should I say their interpretation of what American’s call Irish Crochet.  Sorry I do not have permission from any of the artist to show their photos here but trust me follow this link and this one too.  Please look through all the pages it will blow your mind.  Let me know what you think of it.  I would like to make some stuff like this pretty cool.

>peter cotton tail progress

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Haven’t shown any thing on this in a little while. Thought a few of you might be interested in Peter’s progress towards completion.

>Mitts for art teacher



This set of gloves I did for my two oldest daughters’ art teacher last year we gave her a scarf and she wanted gloves to match.

front and back

>Hat sizing

>People have asked how do you make hats for babes with out having a baby around to size. Well there are standard sizes is that answer and I have found old doll heads (creepy to some) and measured them and labeled them as to what size baby they would be.  That way I can have a mannequin around to try hats on. If you do not have such things here are some standard measurements. Remember not everyone is exactly the same size at the same times these are just estimates.


Head Circumference 13″ – 14 “
Hat Circumference = 11.5″ – 13″
Hat height = 5.5 to 6″

Baby – 3 to 6 months

Head Circumference: 14″ – 17 “
Hat height= 6.5 – 7″

Baby – 6 to 12 months

Head Circumference: 16″ – 19 “
Hat height = 7.5″

Toddler -12 months – 3 years

Hat height = 8″
Head Circumference: 18″ to 20 “

Child – 3 – 10 years

Hat height =8.5″
Head Circumference: 19″ – 20 1/2″


Hat height 9-10″
Head Circumference: 20 1/2″ – 22″

Adult Woman

Head Circumference: 21.5″ – 22.5″

Adult Man

Head Circumference: 23″ – 24″

I am 23″ and my husband 24″ I don’t land in the woman’s area and he is at the very top end of the mans area. Like I said not every one is the same.

>halloween mitts finished


halloween gloves

I worked on these in the car over the weekend during a road trip to and from California.  My children had a golf tournament in Long Beach so we went and visited family and went tot eh tournament.  While traveling there I worked on these and finished the set.  I started and frogged about 5 projects on this trip my hand just wouldn’t work right and it kept frustrating me.  But this one got doen and one other got closer to compleation.  these are made with a self striping yarn but I also used a solid black to divide did up more.  I think I did pretty good at lining up the repeat in the sock yarn fairly well.

stripes almost lineuppalm and back

I will post the other set I worked on later. Had a few issues with it.

>lace dresses for 2-4 year olds

>I started this dress years ago when my youngest daughter was actually a size 2T.  Well it was placed on the back burner along with another one for the reason I didn’t get them done before she out grew the size.  I found them recently again I really should get back to them and get them done.  No one in my family can wear them now.  But I could always put them away for the next generation to wear.  I have three copies of the original book in my collection one is missing the back cover and part of the pattern becasue of that, one is torn in the middle but everything is still there and one is mint so to speak.  I have noticed that even though I have three copies they are hard to find on the internet for other crocheters.  But I did find one person who has them in her photos  and a ton more antique patterns check them out.  So I set them up on ravelry and posted the links so others could make these dresses.  there are 7 adorable patterns in the original book I have made one and started two others.  Here is the link on Ravelry where you can find the links to all 7 patterns. These are all thread dresses ranging from size 30 thread which is what the two on this page are to size knit-cro sheen.  These are not yarn patterns. As you can see these are both almost half way done.Who knows why I never finished probably moved and packed them and by the time I found them she was to big.

I posted about Precious Pet a long time ago I had made it larger so my daughter could wear it at 7 years old but as a blouse.  She still does wear  and is almost nine so if you play with the patterns a little you can get them to fit older children.

image 2 orange crochet shirt

Here is the one named Flower Girl that I am making.

detail of bodicebackdetail of skirtfront

This one is called Daddy’s Pal but I modified it when I made mine and added sleeves and a picot edge to the neck.

skirt areayokefront

>I am a guest blogger…



Whip-up invited me to be a guest blogger and post what ever I wanted.  So I thought it would be nice to post a knitted version of a fingerless mitten on Whip-up and a crochet version of the same thing on my blog.  That way both sides of the community have a similar pattern to work with.  Please check out the knitted one on whip up today and checkout the crocheted one on here later in the day.  Thank you and have a lovely Fall season.


>crochet fingerless gloves

>rightFall is just around the corner.  Which for me means cold hands while warming up the car in the morning.  I have never liked my ends of my fingers covered while removing the ice from the windshield makes it hard to hold the scrapper.  So fingerless gloves are in order.  You can hold your tool and keep your hands warm.   If you do not crochet I have also made a similar pair in knitting (if you want the knitted ones snugger just go down one needle size).  That pattern will be on Whip-up in on Oct. 13th.  I hope this makes both sides of the fiber community happy.


One size fits most female adults


1 large skein of Sock yarn size 1 super fine.  If using a differnt yarn it will effect your pattern.
size D hook 3.25 ( if you want a snugger mitt go down 1 size in hooks if you want larger to fit a man go up 1 or 2 sizes in hook)


Ribbed cuff

Chain 13  Leave a long tail to sew cuff into a round (enough for about 12 sewing stitches)

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook and in all the rest of the chains, (12 sc)
Row 2-40: ch 1, turn, sc in each sc across but only in the back loops to form ribbing (12 sc)

chain 1 do not cut thread just set aside for a moment (this is your working thread)

sew with long tail from starting chain not work thread

Base of hand
(working across the end of the rows on the side here your working thread is)
Round 1: working in the ends of the ribbing place 1 sc in every row, slip stitch to first sc chain 1 and turn ( 40 sc)
working in both loops now
Round 2 -10: sc in each sc, sl stitch to first sc chain 1 turn ( 40 sc)
 Forming of thumb gusset
Round 11:  2 sc in 1st stitch and 2 sc in second stitch(place markers in the 1st and fourth stitch you made),  1 sc in each of the rest of the stitches, sl stitch to first sc chain 1 turn(42 sc)
Round 12:  sc even, sl stitch to first sc chain 1 turn (42 sc)
Round 13: sc in 1st stitch (place market in 1 sc you made), sc in stitches between markers, 2 sc in marked stitch place marker in the last sc you made) sc around, sl stitch to first sc chain 1 turn (44 sc)
Round 14, 16, 18:  repeat round 12  (44, 46,48)
Round 15: same as round 13 (46 sc)
Round 17: same as round 13 (48 sc)
Round 19: same as round 13 (50 sc) 
Round 20-22: 21, 22 :  repeat round 12 ( 50 sc)
Creating thumb opening
Round 23:  sc in first st (marked stitch) chain 5, sc in next marked stitch, sc around, sl stitch to first sc chain 1 turn
 Upper hand
Round 24-29:  sc around, sl stitch to first sc
Upper hand Ribbing 
Row 1:  chain 6 skip first chain, sc in next 5 chains, slst into next two sc on upper hand last row, turn  (5 sc)
Row 2: sc in each sc (back loop only) on the ribbing chain 1 turn
Row 3:  sc in each sc (back loop only),slst into next two sc on upper hand last row, turn  (5 sc)
repeat row 2 and 3 around cut and finish thread  by sew up last seam for upper hand with tail
thumb ribbing
join thread to center chain  on the chain making the thumb opening
work around thumb just the same as you did for upper hand ribbing
make second one the same they have no front or back so the one pattern works for both.

>Fall Mitts Fingerless


full mit

I made the right hand on Sunday now I need to do the left hand I like this pattern it calls for striping of two yarns.  But I also used a yarn that stripes plus a solid black yarn to add more definition to the stripes.  I like the way the first one has come out.  Will be nice for this time of year with Halloween and Thanksgiving in these colors.  Pattern is here if you are interested.

full mitpalm

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