>Pink Irish Crochet Tam



So I have finished the tam still working on the pattern that will come later.  Please enjoy these photos.

the Update
pattern is now available

leftdetailfront detail

>Dusty Pink tam


some of the parts for the tam

This is how far I got by the late afternoon on Sunday on the Tam.  I did finish it last night but I will take photos of that later when the light is much better.  These don’t make the hat look very pretty but it is very similar to the first on now that it is done.  In style placement of trims and mother of pearl buttons.  Except this one has a few shades of pale pink, and a few shades of red mother of pearl  buttons.  The one thing I wish they had in common was the color of the thread.  I can live with that I am happy to have been able to make another and not have to reinvent the wheel to do it.

the Update
pattern is now available

tamonly some of the parts

There are more pieces than this on the tam but these are all I the different styles of things I had some at the time of this photo.  Still had to make the Romanian cord that I wanted to add to the piece.  The top two photos are closer to true to life color the other one is way to washed out.

>Afghan progress


daughters afghan progress

My oldest daughter, as well as my youngest daughter and my self have been working on this as of late. There are only six more color changes till this is done it will be nice to have it finished for the youngest daughter.  My oldest daughters stitches and mine almost look the same, the youngest ones are way different but she has improved tons while making this her stitches are still getting more consistent but she understands them much better these days. This has had eleven rounds added since last posted about it.  All of which were added this last week.

>Sky Above Us gloves

>Here is the newest pair of gloves I am working on.  The pattern is available here for four dollars.  As you can see I only have 1/2 of one glove done.  there is a lace cuff that is supposed to be on this. I had it almost done but I  frogged it (the cuff) as I made a mistake not the patterns fault but mine.  I have made these in an antique thread that is ecru/cream in color so they will go with more things.

sky above us glove