>lace dresses for 2-4 year olds

>I started this dress years ago when my youngest daughter was actually a size 2T.  Well it was placed on the back burner along with another one for the reason I didn’t get them done before she out grew the size.  I found them recently again I really should get back to them and get them done.  No one in my family can wear them now.  But I could always put them away for the next generation to wear.  I have three copies of the original book in my collection one is missing the back cover and part of the pattern becasue of that, one is torn in the middle but everything is still there and one is mint so to speak.  I have noticed that even though I have three copies they are hard to find on the internet for other crocheters.  But I did find one person who has them in her photos  and a ton more antique patterns check them out.  So I set them up on ravelry and posted the links so others could make these dresses.  there are 7 adorable patterns in the original book I have made one and started two others.  Here is the link on Ravelry where you can find the links to all 7 patterns. These are all thread dresses ranging from size 30 thread which is what the two on this page are to size knit-cro sheen.  These are not yarn patterns. As you can see these are both almost half way done.Who knows why I never finished probably moved and packed them and by the time I found them she was to big.

I posted about Precious Pet a long time ago I had made it larger so my daughter could wear it at 7 years old but as a blouse.  She still does wear  and is almost nine so if you play with the patterns a little you can get them to fit older children.

image 2 orange crochet shirt

Here is the one named Flower Girl that I am making.

detail of bodicebackdetail of skirtfront

This one is called Daddy’s Pal but I modified it when I made mine and added sleeves and a picot edge to the neck.

skirt areayokefront

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