>Toe-up socks

>label in coneI found this cone of Mayan Green yarn at a thrift store a long time ago.  I know it isn’t to old because of the labels that are in it but I liked the color and at 1.00 who could go wrong.  Crafted with pride I think is only been on labels in my life time so not to old.  I do not know the company if any one knows from this label let me know as I like the yarn and would love to get more in other colors yes I know at the real price not the thrift store price.
label in conelabel reads
ART #1025

I had a real hard time photo graphing this color it looks like a rich turquoises green but didn’t come out that way in photos.  Looks to be 100% cotton not sure how they will wear in boots but this is an experiment so here I go anyway with that in mind.


lace detailI didn’t know what to do with it when I didn’t knit that tells you it was over a year ago when I found it.  Now I have this idea to make a pair of stockings using it.  I have not decided yet if they are over the knee or if I am going to make them into a set of winter tights will have to work that out as I have never done either. knitting mayan green socks/ maybe tights This is a sort of winged pattern meaning I am making it up as I go so we will see how it goes together.  When I get the second sock to the same length as the first one I am going to put them on the same circular needle and just work it that way from here on out, yes two balls of thread have to be used.

second one started

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