>Brown Irish Crochet Tam


left sideAntique buttons

Still working some kinks out of the hat pattern.  This was the newest one I left off the Romanian cord.  As I know that part of the pattern has no issues still working out some kinks in the flowers.   I also added way more antique buttons to this one.  As the pattern only calls for five but since I am making this for myself I wanted them to be a little different than the pink one I made last.  Wore this yesterday while running my errands got lots of compliments.  My mechanic when I went to the shop to have my oil changed said “Hi Wendy!  How are you?  Nice hat let me guess you made it as always!  Yep was my answer.  He said it figured as I always have pretty things to work on while I wait for my car to be fixed.  I thought that nice of him.  He is always curious about what I am making when I come it.   I have offered to teach him to crochet in the past he just tells me no and said he is all thumbs with that type of thing but can fix cars just fine.

antique buttons

I may make the pattern with hand drawn images for the graft of the leaf and edging lace to begin with so others can make it.  In time I would update it with computer drafted images.  Since it would be on Ravelry people would be able to get the updated versions for free if they have purchased the original version that way I think it would be a win win situation.

Irish crochet tamright side
the Update
pattern is now available

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