>Gifts: Handmade Lipgloss


homemade lipgloss

This is a nice gift for little girls to give their friends or teachers for the holiday season.

We got most of our supplies at one place but you are welcome to get yours from other places


  • lip gloss tube or other container to place it in
  • Vitamin E Balm Base 2 drams (where we got ours )
  • 4 drops flavored oil per 2 drams (essential oil to smell and taste nice mint) where we got it at bottom of page
  • 1/16 teaspoon Splenda per 2 drams ( to make it taste nice) any grocery store
  • 1/8 tsp mica or a desired ( this makes it have a nice shine but can be left out) under extra additions on this page

Approx 2 drams per tube

heat in microwave in 15 second intervals (for melting) heat in the drams cup which can be procured at a pharmacy. Just set aside to cool doesn’t take long. You can make labels or place stickers on it what ever you like.

If making for your self you can use old tubes that are empty if making for others get nice new containers you can get them at most craft stores.


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