>Snow Queen progress


all of it 
Have not made it to far on this yet but I am working on it.  Hope you like it so far.  iI you make a small shawl it would make a lovely head scarf.  Not the little ones I have done before but one that would rest a little on the shoulders.  But you could make one that would be little for just on top of the head too.  This is in size 10 thread.  When I finish this one I will more than likely do one in mohair or some other soft fuzzy yarn with a much larger hook and it will go much faster with the same pattern.  I block it when done but if you are not into that you can skip that step too, just looks nicer blocked.
sidepetal liek edges on shells

>A knitters advent shawl

>I found this by accident on Raverly but thought others might like it too it is a shawl that is done in knit.  It is a advent calender piece (sampler) so to speak.  I have not started one so I didn’t have a photo to post but here are lots of others posted here for you to see.  Oh did I mention it is a free pattern in English and German.  This is what is known as a KAL a  Knit A Long.  Meaning lots of people are doing this at once with you all over the world and there is a forum to discuss it and ask questions.  So if you get stuck you have help  a great place for a beginner ( but please know the basics first but still a beginner) to start as
if you get stuck you can ask for help from lots who are working out the same patterns.
Must be a pretty good pattern with this many already making it