>Snow Queen as hair and neck scarf


frontas neck scarfThis is where I have gotten to on the shawl. But if you are making one you can stop at this point and make a neck scarf or a head scarf and just tie the ends together to hold it on you.snow queen as head scarf

>Yoyo Crochet Baby bonnets


yoyo bonnets

I don’t always post when I make things becasue of restrictions with publishers and things of that sort sometimes other authors when I am testing patterns for them.  I actually have about 12 times right now I can’t show till a later date then I will share them too.

Last October I made 4 baby bonnets out of yo-yo crochet.  They where possible items for the book  or for the magazine article they never ended up in either.  So here is my question are people liking these if so I can post the patterns and make them available to people.  Some of these photos were taken last year shortly after I made these in October to send to the publisher as some idea submissions for the magazine and some today.   I was on vacation for my Vova’s birthday last year and I got these ideas in my head so the colors are a little off becasue I had not planned on making bonnets and it was meant more as an idea to get out of my head.  But I still like these anyway funny colors and all on some of these.   I never finished these by putting their ribbons on them I should do that now.Enjoy

October 17 2009
little Boy Blue Cap


Today December 8, 2010


Mary Mary Quite Contrary

October 17, 2009
This one is most accurate in color


December 8, 2010


Little Red ridding Hood
October 17, 2009


December 8,2010


Little Bo Peep
October 17, 2009


December 8, 2010

sideback and side