>yellow wool snow queen


more 3d now

comparing the two sizes of thread and yarnMaking a slight modification to the pattern instead of placing the sc around the treble crochet posts one row below as with row 4 going around post of the treble crochet on row three. Row four is going around treble crochet posts of row 2 and row 7 is going around the posts on line 5 and so on through out the pattern. I am hoping this will make the 3-D effect larger and more prominent and the fans more free to move.

Because I am using a much larger yarn I am also using a much larger hook; this should progress much faster.

more 3d

If I was doing this with the same size thread as the other three snow queens I am working, because the shells/fans overlap more it would actually take more time and more yarn to do it that way. However, it would be very lovely that way; I may still do it, but I might want to do that in size 30 thread instead.

Because this is yellow wool I just could not bring myself to call this the yellow snow queen shawl; just too many bad images there. ;0)

>Snow Queen/ Medium Neck Shawl


Snow Queen Shawl

frontsideIMGP2548sidefrontI have the snow queen to the point where it could be worn as a medium neck shawl/scarf. Progress has been made but, of course, each round takes longer and longer to do. So progress posts will not be as frequent.

At this size it could also be used as a small hip scarf. I actually like to wear hip scarves a lot.

as scarf