>Blue Ice Queen



right 2

start of head scarf/shawlThis is a project I started yesterday morning. It is mostly done; I want to make it a little longer so it is easier to wrap around. The yarn has a metallic thread in it which I think you can see in the photos. I have done this in a size 4 weight yarn, so it is much thicker and warmer than the first snow queens that had been done in a size 10 thread. This one is a little more causal in look than the first ones, as well. I like it just as much; I think it would still work for dress up on a winter’s day.
This was made in the same way as the white snow queens; I did not do the modifications that I showed on the Golden queen version. The golden version is less lacy, to me, and I wanted this to have more of a lace look and less of a flouncy look.


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  1. Maven
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 13:59:58

    >Love the color for this one, Sunshine! You're so creative!


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