>Beads and lace

>detailPlayed with beads and lace a little bit this week. Don’t know if I am going to keep this or frog it.  It was more an experiment than a project.  I know some people would say that was hours of work.  Well yes it was, but it was just meant as a study not something to keep.  I think doing studies every now and again gives you a feel for how things work.  So then you can incorporate the ideas into a project and you know ahead of time how things will look and work  that way you will want to keep the finished project.

two colors of bead

Just fyi size 30 dmc thread and rocaille beads the fact that I used rocaille beads is why I know it is just a practice piece.  becasue a real piece would have been done with tiny seed beads. I made about 3 yards

3 yards



right side

More samples from helping just be happy with her new book .

left sidefront