>Book sneak peak



Here is the badge I was given to show the new book”Countdown Calendars” I am in coming out in June. I love the photo the photographer too of my project in front of a window with the light streaming through it so cool.  You can pre order this book by going here you will not be charged till it ships in June.

Because of this book and my contract with the publisher certain items have been removed from my blog.  I will replace them and re -post those posts with new projects with a similar concept but different  than the book.  I will update when I have done that and give a link.




left side
More samples from helping just be happy with her new book .

right sidefronttopback

>Crochet Oya lace book in English


I have been looking for a while for an Oya lace book in English.  I have found one and it is available on Amazon for an inexpensive price compared to the ones from Turkey.  This book has the crochet version of Oya not the needle version.  It also includes 2 samples of tatted versions (on page 54 and the same photo is on the cover) in the photos but there are not any tatting patterns in the book.  If you already know how to tat you could make them from the photos.
The Beaded edge (inspired designs for crocheted edgings and trims)
Midori Nishida/CRK Design
88 page book
isbn 978-1-59668-300-6

>Black and White pom pom scarf


front front

I was playing more with pom poms the other day and made this black and white scarf. Good for adults or children. This one is available in my etsy shop.

pom pom scarf




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More samples from helping just be happy with her new book .


>Green sock progress


lower calf

heelsHere is my progress on the Mayan green lace stockings I am making.  Progress is going slow.  We have been pretty sick for the last two months at our home from sinus infections, ruptured ear drums, bronchitis ….  It is all I can do to get a good nights rest these days.  But some things have been made some I never took photos of while my computer was crashed.  But I will continue to post some of the projects I have been making some progress on.  I still hope to have enough yarn to make winter tights if not I will end up with a nice pair of socks all the same.

two of a kind

>Pompom yarn scarf


pom pom and ball

I was playing with pom pom yarn on Monday for a little bit. It is interesting the way the pom poms line dup to make rows in the scarf. Size 9 knitting needles.


It is pretty amazing how soft this is. My middle daughter kept telling me it was her scarf but then everything I make she tells me is hers.  It worked up pretty quick too.

from this to that

>Reindeer chicken and penguin


penguinMy little neice and her christmas hatwith santaThese are some hats that my niece tried on.  The reindeer is not in the book but you can easily change the monkey pattern that  is in the book to make the reindeer.  Need to add a crocheted flower and chains of crochet for hair plus add felt antlers sort of like the crabs craws (you will see that later too)and ears. I wanted it to be a little girl deer so I added hair and a flower to it.  It was specially made to match her Christmas outfit that had reindeer on the feet and bum.

>… turtle


left side

More samples from helping just be happy with her new book .  At our house this became a stuffed animal when we finished testing my middle daughter (11 years old)  was excited to get this under our Christmas tree as she wanted it the whole time I was making it.

sidefrontsidetop back




More samples from helping just be happy with her new book .  The pattern is for a lizard with a tongue but if you leave the tongue off it looks more like a dinosaur.


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