>Bits of this and that


bits and pieces

I have been working on little ideas here and there some I can’t show some I can.  A little knitting a little crochet some hairpin lace and such.  These are the accumulation of the projects I have been caring around with me over the last little bit.
knitting lace 2 cuffs
knitting lace cuff startedI am thinking this pink knitted lace will become the cuffs of a knitted sweater.  I am still just trying to get rid of this pearl cotton I have made several things with it.  It was a thrift shop find and it has gone on way longer than expected.  This is a large pearl cotton not sure exactly what size other than the label info. UKI, dk fuchsia, number 56, size 5/, lot 2017

irish lace maybe gloves 
Have not totally decided what these will be yet but I am leaning towards the cuffs of a set pink gloves.  This is size 30 antique crochet thread another thrift shop find on the thread.
 irish lace collar started
This is some more Irish lace I have been playing with I am thinking this will be the collar of a shirt I am thinking of starting. This to is vintage thread and by the looks of the cone I could probably make a few shirts and this amount of flowers didn’t even make a dint in the size of the cone.  Thread made by Winton (3 ply) lusterite mercerized 6000 yards 1519 eggshell.

 irish lace copy of needle lace

This one is an experiment as well but this is done in size 8- tatting thread another thrifting find the thread that is.

hairpin lace in the works 
This is size 10 thread (hey look new thread but it was on clearance) and I am 

making hairpin lace I am thinking this is the start of a skirt depending if I don’t get sick of making the lace.  The hairpin fork is an antique store find.


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