>Gloves Under Construction



Remember those gloves that became a hair bow.  Well I started them again this time they are going to become a set of gloves I have one all the way done and the second has the 4 fingers and the cuff done still have to do the palm thumb combo then crochet them together and add the elastic in the cuff.


They fit me this time.  It might be hard to see in the photo but these are ecru not white.  They are made in size 40 dmc cebelia which has been discontinued I am always sad when I find out things like that happen.  I bought the last 8 balls my local yarn and knit shop had.  So it was nice to have the correct thread to use for the project before it was no longer available anywhere.

gloves under construction 
In this box to explain what you are looking at.  The top left is a palm, back and cuff to one glove.  The next box has 4 fingers from the back and one cuff.  The bottom left is both backs and both cuffs waiting for the palm/thumb comb to be made.  The Photo on the bottom right is the fingers and cuff while under production.

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