Brown Easter eggs for dyeing

all my eggs in one basket

If you use brown eggs instead of white with your traditional Easter egg dyes you will get richer colored eggs.  Here I will show both white and brown eggs dyed with the same dye I have let my eggs set in the dye bath for 10 mins.

Supplies and how too
  • Easter egg dying kit (just the basic from the grocery store) use as described on package
  • Brown and white eggs boiled as usual
  • Let eggs set in dye for 5 to 10 mins.
brown and white eggs  boiled 
If you like the speckled look of the eggs pull out after only 3 mins.  Other wise leave in longer for a jewel tone look to your eggs.  Here are my eggs that I dyed in alternating rows of brown eggs and white with the colors used above each other so you can compare the colors for your self and see the difference the color of the starting egg makes on the finished item.
how the same dye acts on different eggs

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