>13-14 days old

>14 days old   They are still growing and strong.  7-8 more days and they will be totally weened.    Not sure of their age they are either born on the night of the 5th or the early morning of the 6th.
It is getting much easier to feed them as some can drink from the water bottle which is full of 50/50 water and unflavored pedialite.  They are also still being feed 50/50 water and evaporated milk.  We are calling them all “little chubbers” ( this is said in an endearing way ) as they are all so round now.  When they sit it looks like a little fuzzy round ball not an animal they are so round.  Which is pretty cute I have to say.  Some have asked what we are feeding them so that is why I am posting this.  As I have already mentioned  some above, but they also are eating small seeds and grains ( from normal hamster food we have removed all the large items) that we have added some rolled oats to and wheat germ, and wheat bran, and powdered milk and cooked egg yokes mashed with powdered milk on them.  Every now and again a frozen split pea to give added moister and it is just fun to watch them try and hoard the frozen item from each other as they all want them and of course do not want to share.

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  1. Dollyknickers by CWDesigns225
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 06:47:23

    >They are so adorable!! Sounds like you are doing all the right things and they are looking very healthy. I hope they all find good homes, (not with snakes!!) If you and I lived closer and I didn't have cats, I would love to have a couple.


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