20-21 days old

4 girls 20 days old
4 girls
old enoughsitting in ceramic tea cupThey have made it to the weened stage and drink  from a water bottle.  Now the kids are back in charge of their pets thank heaven.  There are 4 girls and 3 boys all the girls have homes 3 stay with my children and one is going to a friend.  The 3 boys no one seems to want they are pretty cute my children wanted certain ones of them but hoped them to be girls as they didn’t want more babies either.  We are going to keep them till Friday and if still no one wants them we will take them to the pet store.  All are healthy and active.  You shouldn’t hear any more about hamsters as my children are taking care of them and not me I can get back to other projects fiber related.
3 boys 20 days old
3 boys

Update May 6th

1 of the boys went to school where he has a new mate and is quiet happy with his surroundings the smallest one the dark gray one.  The other two went to a person in the neighborhood.  Which I now wish we had not done:  one was eaten by their cat the second day they had him ( if we had known they had a cat we would not have given it to them).  We asked if we could have the other one back to save it from the same fate but they said no that they still wanted him and asked if we had more they could have.  Um… no we don’t and in our heads we are saying even if we did it wouldn’t have gone to that home again.  In hind sight we now know they have had a hamster before that met the same fate.  It was very hard on my children to hear of this as we had worked so hard to save them after their mama died.    We are pretty certain with that track record the other one will not live long either.  The children in that home sort of bragged about it( One ran up to my children yelling about how it died and was eaten then the next did the same thing no remorse or sadness in them)  so it made it all the worse for my little girls whom these are their first pets other than pragmatists.   My kids had to work hard to prove they could have pets and be responsible for them.  I guess not so for the other home.  I hope if the other meets this fate they will not tell my children about it.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Corina
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 10:36:38

    You're doing a great job raising these little ones!


  2. http://aviajantedocroche.blogspot.com/
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 13:17:37

    how they are beautiful, so great, you have cared them very well. hugs from Mari (Brasil)


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