Irish crochet

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This queen sized bedspread, with over 200 blocks, was recently repaired and now safely placed for viewing and pleasure. The owner ,Frances Blaize Haines was given the spread by her Grandmother “Muggie” circa 1940

Irish crochet , originally uploaded by texas44.

I love getting emails like this first thing in the morning.  A while back I drafted a crochet pattern ( from the photos below) to help a fellow crocheter make the repairs on a family heirloom. They used the tutorial I did on how to do repair work on crochet these are her results. I could not be happier for her. I was able to help someone from a long distance over the Internet life is amazing. Now she has a new skill that she can repair crochet and not be afraid of it. If you have used my tutorial I would love to see your finished repair projects too. 
Original damage was like this
<KENOX S730  / Samsung S730>
But needed to look like this
Muggie's crochet
Here is where I placed the pattern so if others want to make this too or have the same afghan they have to repair and here is the tutorial on how to make repairs if you don’t know how.

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  1. Regina Diniz Outeiro
    Jul 25, 2011 @ 19:04:15



  2. Encarni
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 02:12:43

    Hello! This is very pretty. Encarni fron Sapain.


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