New and old

My oldest daughter accidentally washed a GAP multi color stripped sweater that was 50% wool so you guessed it it shrunk.  To the size of too small to fit even my youngest daughter.  It wasn’t felted so much that I was not able to frog the  sweater.  So I took it apart on Friday and Saturday of last week and wound the balls of yarn up.  Then looked for a pattern I could use.  Found one and then I added Lion brand alpine wool for the background color that I already had as it was the same weight as the wool from the sweater and I thought it might stretch it to go farther than the size of the original sweater.   It is just too bad that I forgot to take a picture of the original sweater before I dismantled it.  I seem to be on a kick to make things for fall at the moment not sure how that happened but it is fine with me.detail  
My light blue background is the black in the original pattern and the white in the original pattern is my colors.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Judith
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 23:28:00

    Clever you. What a great rescue operation.


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