Joseph’s Coat is done


That was an amazingly ( no joke intended) long time to work on one jacket.  I feel as if I just made a vary large quilt as opposed to a jacket.  The weight of…
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A Rainbow of colors

a rainbow of pants

This is the fabric I got to use for the brothers pants.  For a play this is great for real life yikes that sure would be scary to own this wardrobe.
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coat progress

left front

right frontJoseph's coat is starting to take shape.  Lots of color, lots more in the bottom half.  Good thing is the director likes it so far and so does the player who has to wear the costume so all is good there.
I hope to have it done in the next…
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two sleeves for Joseph

2nd sleeve 

Didn't work on this on Sunday at all I was working on the crochet instead my day off so to speak.  But I did work on it all day Friday and
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Filet roses

new large filet lace I am making

I borrowed a book from a friend JoDee that had this lace pattern in it.  The original pattern said to use size 20 thread I wanted big hugh lace not small dainty a shocker for me.  So I got out my antique ….
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made by my 13 year old hummingbird 
My thirteen year old has been looking through some old magazines of mine and found this project in one of them.  She didn't have the right supplies to make the item as pictured in the old Bead and Button mag…

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Inside out … Joseph

lining hung wrong on mannequin

For those who wonder what the inside of the coat is going to look like.  This is actually the lining for the coat it is inside out on the mannequin.  The sleeves are made of…
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The Partidge family /Joseph

spokes of the coat 
This may not look like much but it is the start of the bottom half of the coat it is meant to sort of look like stained glass.  There is already a ton of hours in this coat and I haven't hardly even started on it.  The part that is funny to me is…

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Items for the Play…

Joseph Poster 
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

here is the list of things I have to make for this play  if it has an * I have already made it  So if you don't see me posting much in the near future this is why and has been the reason as of late. 
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Tree of life…

center details of embroidery
A few years back I made a pillow case for my husband as a gift I saw it the other day and thought I should post that.  I had planned on making several of these…

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