rings for RPL / battenberg lace / irish crochet

Romanian point lace, battenberg (battenburg) lace and Irish crochet lace all traditionally use rings in the lace. I am going to show a few ways of making these rings. There are 5 examples in this tutorial. This will help those in the Jan 2012 RPLA on Ravelry and of course any one else who wants to learn this like those in the flickr group. I will have another tutorial later with 2 more ways of making rings

Click photo go to flickr for notes on rings / plastic bead and plastic cabone rings
thread padded rings #1
battenberg with thread  rings
 Romanian European Macramé & Point Lace & Crochet. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
flickr group

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video on Oya

Found a video on Oya, not in English but very good.  Some day I will find some one local who can speak English and show me this as I know I miss some things like the type of thread and things of that sort in the video.  Her speed is amazing there is a woman who has made a ton of Oya in her life.

Romanian Point Lace along

rpl pattern 5 inches by 5 inches
Version 1
version 2 for RPLAL
Version 2
rplround  number 3
Version 3

There is a Romanian Point lace along starting in the Ravelry group Romanian Point Lace.  You have 1 month to prep for it make your cord, and rings and get your pattern transferred to fabric.  I will be posting how to here on my blog  All three template links for this  RPLAL are below in this post click read more below left
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RPL cord made by my oldest daughter

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My oldest daughter has taken on the challenge to make me some cord. This is what she has made in the last few days working on this. May not look like much to most people but that is 4 1/2 yards pretty good amount I would say. It was just a small ball of size 10 thread I handed her. She asked for more when she finished this so now I have given her a humongous ball of cream size 10 thread. I will see how far she get on this hopefully she won’t burn out and will be able to help me make cord.

Thanskgiving Greetings

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Hope everyone is having a lovely day with family and friends. Take care and many happy returns of the day love wendy

Romanian Point lace fans

This photo by Lady loop

rightThere is a new group on Ravelry all about Romanian Point Lace (RPL for short). 
We are gathering as much information on

  • books 
  • on line items 
  • tips/ hints
  • questions / answers
  • eyecandy

We are trying to put it together all in one data base with people who already know how to make this type of lace so if you have been a fan of it but didn’t know how to, where to get info, or are just curious this may be something you want to check into.  There is still the group on flickr that I admin too.

 Romanian European Macramé & Point Lace & Crochet. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

Blessing gown

up close blessing gown 
My sister-in-law sent me some pictures of my newest niece wearing the gown I made for her blessing.   She lives several states away not to bad since I could not try it on her. On the bonnet there is a ribbon that when you pull …

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Mummy Egyptian Mask

after being trimmed 

My middle daughter has been studying Egypt in school and they are supposed to make a death mask.  Well that was supposed to happen this morning but with a fever 101+ yeah umm she didn't go to school.  So I went to school for about an hour so I could see how it was done and came home and did this with her.
This is how I was taught to do this…
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baby blessing gown

gift for my sister in law

This is a gift for my sister-in-law she recently had a baby.  I was helping her recently and realized I had not sent a gift so I scrambled these last two weeks to get a bonnet made and dress so she could have it  before the baby's blessing.  She has already made a beautiful…
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