rings for RPL / battenberg lace / irish crochet

Romanian point lace, battenberg (battenburg) lace and Irish crochet lace all traditionally use rings in the lace. I am going to show a few ways of making these rings. There are 5 examples in this tutorial. This will help those in the Jan 2012 RPLA on Ravelry and of course any one else who wants to learn this like those in the flickr group. I will have another tutorial later with 2 more ways of making rings

Click photo go to flickr for notes on rings / plastic bead and plastic cabone rings
thread padded rings #1
battenberg with thread  rings
 Romanian European Macramé & Point Lace & Crochet. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
flickr group

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  1. Ivelise
    Jan 10, 2012 @ 07:39:45

    Hi dear I met you in flickr photo sharing, and I just fell in love for your work!I don't make romanian lace yet, but maybe in the future..Right now I am a begginner in irish crochet!I want you to have much healty, and sucess in the next year! I have a blog since few days ago, if you can make me a visit! I would be very happy! Bye dear!


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