Day2: advent calender scarf = issues

day 2

Day one was a breeze day two not so much for me.  I have never placed beads in this manner nor have I done nupps.  The beads not an issue pretty straight forward.  But the nupps are a little nightmarish to me I have frogged that section at least 3 times but not more than 5.  
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Day 1: advent calender scarf

lace and thread
This was an advent calender scarf knit along in December of 2010. This is a free pattern if any one wants to do it.  I decide I would save it till I could knit better than I could then.  To do this project I think I am at the point where I can attempt this and get a good result I am hoping I will learn lots and lots from this as one of my main goals in learning to knit was to make socks and to make lace both I am still working on.

supplies needed listed below

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Levis and lace finished

full back
I have finished the Levi and lace project I really should work on it some more as the collar is falling apart too.  Which you can see in the photos but one thing at a time.  Here are a few more photos for you to see how it looked when completed.
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The world continues to spin

My family has been struggling a lot this year with health.  So many loved ones want to go back to heaven.   We have several other members battling health issues at the moment that are life threatening if you have a few extra moments add my family to your prayers please. Bye bye Uncle buddy you are very much loved and missed. Richard L. Rhoades Richard "Buddy" Rhoades passed away February 15, 2012. 

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Levi and lace


I have 3 jean jackets I have had almost all of them since I was 14 years old.  That is a while for a jacket I have almost had them twice as long as I have not (OK not trying to give my age away all the way).  So they have all started to get let say worn out which is a major understatement.  I wish I had taken a photo before I cut out the backs yoke piece. So I did the nexted best thing I set the piece back on the hole I had made but you can see the crochet peeking through the hole area.
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vikkel braid two color

I want to learn to do this just putting this here for my refference

Two-color vikkel braid from Julie Sprague on Vimeo.
Another way of doing this

my kids call these gryffindor

When I stated knitting these 3 days ago my children said they reminded them of Harry Potter  you know his house colors of Gryffindor.   I guess they sort of do  but I wasn’t thinking that when I made them.

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Part 1: February RPLAL download patterns

3 ornament patterns for RPLdoiley pattern for valentines
Patterns for the February Romanian Point lace patterns there are three ornaments and 1 square doily.  Sorry it is so late in the month that could not be helped.  But you can make them now and have them ready for next year or make them and use them this year as Christmas ornaments or just a doily in your home.  links below where to download the patterns.

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knitting fingerless gloves

new mitts
Yesterday I was playing with making some fingerless gloves this is a pretty fast work up. 

I used red heart eco-ways bamboo-wool blend.  Has a real soft feel to it.

1 ball of each color ( cream, peacock and cayenne)
I used 3 circular kneedle
sewing needle

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Back soon… bye my Beautiful Vavo

I can not to go into all the details of why I have been away but the readers digest version is.  My most beloved grandmother my Vavo has passed away and is safe in our father in heavens arms and I needed time to think about doing anything again for a little bit.  A blog  and crafts have been the furthest things from my mind.  She was and is such an amazing person I have been lucky enough to know and to call Vavo. I wish I could say I was productive during the last 4 weeks but that is not the case my mind has been in a fog with her illness and her passing and other relatives in the hospital all at the same time.

I will be back to posting tutorials this weekend if time permits.

As she would say "And this too shall pass!"  I miss and love you so much my heart is broken.  She also had a wall plaque that read something like keep "Dear God please keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth".  I should live by that but as she would also say she had a habit of sneaking his hand off of her mouth and I think I inherited that trait good or bad.

She was educated, ran a business and had a family all in a day and age when woman did not do all of those things at once or not at all.  Honored by a president of the USA and honored by her peers and most of all loved by her family.

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