Blue peplum

blue peplum sleevless sweater
I started this yesterday.  The pattern is in the new vogue called #20 cross bodice top by Joan McGowan-Michael.  So far it is a fairly easy pattern make the back starting at the  band then do the back yoke followed by the peplum then repeat for the front.  The weird thing to me is there is going to be a zipper under one of the arms.  Not sure if I like that should have read that part before starting the pattern I don’t know if it will hang funny because of the zipper.  But as you can tell it was a pretty easy knit. The reason for starting this is all my projects are multi-week or multi-month or multi-year projects at the moment and I wanted something I could get done fast and get a little satisfaction from that.  I am using yarn that was given to me at the passing of my mother in law just like the other sweater that I was making (which I have yet to post finished I just realized).  It is also made out of that same type of yarn too.  I think when my Mother in law had this she used it to make a blanket for my husbands second to youngest sister at her wedding  so sentimental to me as is all the items we have from her such a great lady still greatly missed.


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