needing to frogg this
needs to be frogged

I will be frogging the both front yoke parts of the blue peplum. I did the p2tog through back loop all wrong so I want it to be correct and will be redoing it.  This way both the front right and front left yoke will look the same.  I plan on getting back to the advent  scarf soon this was a distraction so I could think and figure out the lace stitch on day 11 which was causing me great issues.  Little did I know I would be learning something new in this project too and more frogging just a little to get it.  The funny part is the dark blue band around the waist of this sweater actually helped me to understand the part of the scarf on day 11 I was having an issue with.  So this was helpful to me and the scarf.  I have learned  that this yarn may have a tendency to stretch when steam blocked (which is what I was thinking of doing it being acrylic and all).  If it does end up growing in height I have a very lovely tall sister in law who I will give this to.  She has already stated she would be happy to have it if in deed that does happen.

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