Red sunset mitts found

and one to frog and redue
I am trying to get some old projects done while still working on current projects.  I misplaced this project almost 2 years ago.  I have bags I carry around with me with half done projects in them sometimes I set them down in my project room then because they are either inside a bag and I do not see them and sort of forget about them and go on to the next project because I have so many happening at one time.   The other reason is I do a play and forget because after a month of crazy costume making for others my mind just sort of forgets what I was doing for myself because of other projects that are bigger ie.. a play  and have deadlines that my mind is to tired to remember.  But in the case of this item it was actually the fact that I was doing the last touch ups on my book "learn to do yo-yo crochet" that put this on the back burner for what would seem like forever.

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