Mom’s bridesmaids moss green dress

frontWe (my sister laws and my self) have been going through more of mom's items (mother in law).  We found a large stash of mom's dresses from her teens to early twenty’s.  The dresses are early 60's to early 70's some might be from around 1958.  It was fun going through some of them. one reason is so those that are far away can see the true color of the dresses and so they can know the dimensions of the dress.  The other is just to have a record of all of them together.   In the process of doing that I will also repair what needs repairing so they are usable by all my nieces and sisters. I want to go and take pictures of them all before they get split to the four winds sort of like GGH aprons.

This is a dress that was made not for mom but one of her bridesmaids and it was never worn or finished but mom kept it as a memory from her wedding. We have no idea why it was never finished.  This dress has been in storage for over 45 years so it is older than I am sort of cool.

I just spent about 10 hours (update added about 6 more hours to repairs on this for other hems that we decided had issues too) hand sewing a lot of the seams down and repairing a few of the seams that are already in it. I also spent quiet a few hours cleaning not able to get all the age stains out of it and trying to get rid of the permanent creases it had from being folded for that long.
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