Mom’s pink and silver lace dress

This is a very lacey sheath dress.  It has a belt that can be worn with it if you like also bow can be front or back of the dress.  So it has 3 different looks for the front and 3 different looks for the back.
backside of belt with out bow

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Mom’s fall flower dress


This is a lovely linen dress that has rayon flowers embroidered into the fabric.


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Mom’s White sheer dress


Here is a surprise to my sisters here is one we had not photographed before.

back detail

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Mom’s tan cream and blue dress


Some of these dresses I will repair some I am not sure I will yet and some are sort of unrepairable moth holes.  Also some of the dresses have labels but some of the labels look like labels local seamstresses would have used.
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On line vintage fashion show…

I am posting dresses for my sister in laws who live far away so they can see mom’s dresses.  We are planning on doing a sisterhood of the traveling dresses.  I am going to post the sizes and what needs repair and pictures of the dresses so if one of my sister in laws or nieces wants to wear one they can check the sizes of the dress and if it will work for them for a formal.  Then the dress will be shipped to them and they wear and clean and ship back.  At least that is how I think it is supposed to work.  All the dresses will be from the 1950’s to the 1970’s.  So check back each day to see the new vintage dress on display.  to see all of them click on mom’s dresses on the side bar.  One was already posted as my daughter wore one so it was already repaired and back at Dad’s house.

for easy reference 

black dress-form with white details =  smallest dresses
ecru dress-form and dress-form white with colorful flowers = small dresses
burgundy dress-form= largest sizes

Much ado about nothing

I have been helping with the current production of Shakespeare.  This years play was Much Ado About Nothing.  Next year it will be A Comedy of Errors.  My oldest daughter got to be in the production this year as the blue narrator.  I can’t believe all the things she memorized and no one at home ever helped her to do it.  It was all on her own pretty impressive considering it was an 1 and a half hour show and she had lines through out the entire play.

I made a few things for this years show several 14 hats for the men characters to wear, 4 beaded hats for a few of the girls to wear, the four narrator costumes, and of course I fixed lots of old costumes as always.

click on photos for bigger image.

All finished

all done

This is the dress that I made for my daughter this past weekend.  She got a lot of compliments at church today she said over 40 people stopped her to comment on how much they liked it.

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