New Retro dress from vintage pattern


I have three daughters which most people who follow this blog know. My oldest just left junior high and is now in high school.  I was thinking a few weeks back I am going to have a lot of girls in high-school going to formals at the same time real soon.  The thought of buying  3 brand new formals at  the same time is sort of  nightmarish to me both in price and time and modesty concerns.  So I decided I would make some and find some new thrift shopping ie still have tags on them.  I have made a few dresses as of late so I can get better at adding zippers and doing linings plus my children can wear these dresses now.  In the summer I hope to make a few fancy simple classic dresses in larger sizes and set them aside for my daughters to pick from for their formals.  They have all agreed to this, so it should be fun.  They get to help pick patterns and the fabric  from my stash and then we make it.  Then when the dance happens which ever dress they fit into at that time they can wear.  Sounds fun to us maybe not to others sort of the unknown on which dress you will get to wear to which dance but at least it will be modest and one their mom made which makes them happy.
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