Costume design

I saw this movie “Snowwhite and the Huntsaman” this last weekend.  I loved the costumes. I would love to do costuming like this so cool.  Hey I even know how to make maille and where to buy the supplies maybe someday.  For now I will still do odd costuming jobs around here.

Added ribbon woven ribbon as belt


OK sometimes I just can not leave a project alone this one was bothering me because after I had finished sewing it, it still looked so plain even with the bright orange crinoline and an orange lining.  So I posted on face book that I thought it needed more just was not sure what.  When a cousin gave a suggestion of a wide belt 2 or 3 inches and a bow in the back.  This is not exactly what she suggested but  sort of is.

front with crinoline

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Mom’s Golden dress with white flowers


This is another sheath dress it must have been mom's favorite style since she retains so many of them. 


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