Kool aid Dyeing once again

dk cherry

It has been two years since we did this last and posted the how to.   My kids wanted to dye their hair last summer but it never happened, so we did it this summer.


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OYA and Interweave Crochet Magazine

The Interweave Crochet Magazine the summer/august 2012 issues has 6 pages about oya in it.  So for those that are Oya lovers like me get this mag before you can’t.  This is not a paid observation I just love oya and when ever I find info on it I post it so others can find the hard to get resources on the subject.  I was glad I was subscribed to it as all the cover reads Explore Turkish edgings but it may have been something I would have missed on the newsstand.  It is of course the crochet version since this is a crochet magazine and not the tatted, needle or knitted versions.

Mom’s hot pink barbie dress


I can totally see Barbie wearing this it is very much a hot pink 60's dress.  Just needs white gogo boots to go with it.

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