July’s RPLAL free pattern

flower wreath

So hey we are early posting this pattern.

you will need to print out four copies of the pattern
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June’s RPLAL free Pattern

fleur de lis

here is June’s RPLA free pattern.  I hope people are enjoying these patterns would love to see what people are doing with them please add photos to either  the Ravelry group or the flickr group.
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fleur de lis under construction

Lavonda Rose Oya scarf done

tied to the side
as head scarfI finished the scarf I started the other day.  It ended up with  53 roses.  My oldest daughter made two of the roses to try them out also she finished all the the thread but 4 so I would not have to do that.

If you do it with synthetic thread like nylon or polyester which is what is used in Turkey you melt the ends and that part goes faster  but you  tend to burn your fingers too and if not careful singe your crochet.

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