Lace edging free pattern

antique piece of lace

lace rollMy friend and neighbor JoDee had this piece of antique lace.  She knows I like all things handmade and vintage so she brought it over for me to see it.   She was kind and let me borrow it for a few months until I had time to sit down and copy it.   She had a few yards of it and she plans on sewing it to a dress.   I figured it was a pretty simple pattern but elegant so I wanted to copy it and figured others might like it too.

yards and yards of lace

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Day 4: in the pink dress and slip

dress front

There are two of these dresses that came with matching slips this is the first of the two.

dress and slip

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Day 3:2 for 1 heirloom dresses

yoke on blue

This is next 2 dresses that I have to show.  Yes they are vintage store bought  dresses but they are family heirlooms meaning I did not buy them the previous generation or the one before that did not sure which.

center hem on blu

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Adding filet rose lace to hem

finished hem
About a week ago I was at a thrift shop and bought this skirt it is an Ann Taylor skirt linen with rayon embroidery and rayon lining.  I really liked the embroidery on it but I wanted it a little longer.

embroidery on skirt

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Day 2 heirloom white dress

front yoke
This lovely little white dress.  Does have some wear damage under one sleeve is torn.

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August RPLAL free pattern

Here is the pattern for the August RPLAL free pattern.It is for an edging of a small square doily.  But also maybe used as a collar on a small child’s knit or crochet dress.

download now
August RPLAL

Day 1 heirloom sewing slip

Here are some recent additions to the dresses that I have in my families heirloom collection.  I do hope someday my grandchildren will be able to wear these dresses if for no other reason than to have them wear them for photos.
tagI am going to be posting items for about 6 or 7 days of heirloom baby items again.  Parts of these dresses are hand done and parts are machine made but all are commercial bought dresses but not recently.  I am guessing the late 1940's but they could be as new as the late as the mid 1970's.  Hard to tell as the original owner can not tell me.

hem detail
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1 Pair finished

front and back cuffback side

My daughter finished making the pair of lace gloves she was making for herself.  I believe she is happy with them.  They came out better than she thought they would so that is good.   She has never made a pair of gloves before so as a first attempt she did real well and no help from me. 
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gloves, gloves , gloves

there are 3 pairs of lace gloves under construction currently in my home

Pair number 1 by me

irish gloves threadbook photo irish glovesThis pair of gloves my daughter wanted to make but she kept getting hung up on the pattern so i decided to work them for me instead.  When she saw them half way done she realized what her mistake was and it was a simple one.  She had just forgotten to turn her work is all.  At the end of each round and go back and fourth instead of around the hand. She did not give up on making gloves but went to another pair for starters.  The photo at the left is what they look like in the book.   Below is where I am on them as of last night.  As you can see part way through one glove and a little started on the second glove.  Have not even started the cuffs yet.  These are supposed to be size 60 thread but I am doing them in size 50 hope they still work out ok I have a tight tension going so it should.
irish gloves under construction

Pair number 2 by my 14 year old daughter…
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two done out of three February RPLAL

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I have one more of these to finish. The cupid is not yet done but it will be soon but i will not be using variegated thread on that one.

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