In want of a cameo… free necklace pattern

I have loved cameos since I was a little girl.  My Vova (grandmother)wore the first one I ever saw.  I have loved them ever since.  Several people in my life have owned cameos the old style hand carved.  I always admired those and loved them.  Recently several relatives passed and I wanted the cameo's to remember them by but others did as well so I passed on all of them.  A friend of mine was talking to me and knew my love of them and the cameos she gave me one her husband had given to her before they got married given to her between 45 and 50 years ago (while dating before they got married)the type I love and are hand carved. See left photo to see how special it is a very pretty cream colored cameo with a amber background. This is now a treasured possession of mine from a friend of over 13 years who loved me enough to give what should be a family heirloom in her family to me.  That being said I am nervous to wear it as the clasp is weak and has fallen from my clothes a few times so now it sits where I can admire it and awaits me taking  it to a jeweler so I can wear it and not have fear of losing such a precious memento.

close up

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