Wreath RPLAL July on paper

all of pattern on paper

If you are doing this months project you should be basting down the cord.  here is the progress I have made 14.5 yards of cord a little extra is always good.  Plus since I still need to go back and do most of the previous months I can use the extra on pansy ones.  Also if you noticed I have this on paper this time around it is faster for me than tracing so I am doing it this way but it means I can not use the pattern as many times as I would usually.  It is covered with clear contact paper to give it added strength plus it is also like having a hoop on the pattern when you do this.  If you look real close you can tell I just printed out 4 copies of the pattern cut them close to the edge and taped them in place on top of each other then laid the contact paper over them to hold it all together well.  You may have also noticed there is no paper in the center of this that is to make it easier to manipulate the patter while stitching.
wreath pattern
how to make the cord
cord romanian point lace
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