Happy Halloween

Hope every one is safe tonight trick or treating .  The three dresses you see my daughters wearing are all hand made the blue one is Cinderella (a dress we used in the ball scene in sound of music).  We thought it close enough to be Cinderella even with out the puff sleeves and flounce.  The green tan dress is a peasant dress my children have for Shakespeare week at school that doubles as a Halloween costume and the red Shakespearean costume I made 2 days ago ( 20 hours of cutting and sewing in one day to make that dress.  It will be used for Shakespeare week as well.  It is a little big for all my girls but I figure we have a ton of costumes that fit them well so this is one with growing room.  The nice man in the photo is my husband who I am lucky enough to be married too.  I was dressed up as well in a Shakespeare costume mine was red velvet with gold trim but since I was the one with the camera no one took a picture of me.

New Red Shakespeare dress

I made this dress on October 29th just in time for Halloween.  It is a size 6 adult dress and my daughter needs to grow a little to fit it well as she is about a size 2 to size 4.


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Leisel’s curtain dress

leisel's dress yoke
So I am in the middle of the play and last night was opening the actors did amazing great job to all of them.   This is Leisel's Dress you can see one of the other dresses in the background with some of the mods I did to it after I posted.
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Louisa curtain outfit

louisa front

Louisa is the one that has the scarf pulled off of her head by captain von Trapp.

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Brigetta curtain outfit

brigetta front

OK so busy costuming for the play have not had time to post or take photos.  SO most things I will have to post after the play.  I have since modified this dress from what you see in this photo above.

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Marta’s curtain clothes from sound of music

marta front 2

As Marta's character is a tiny bit older than Gretel I put less lace on it to make it so she looked more like a small child and less toddler like.

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Gretal’s sound of music costume

grettal front

Here is the outfit the character Gretel will wear as her play clothes made out of curtains.  The curtains are this paisley in the play and they have a lace band at the bottom of them so I could add lace to the dress I also have a cording on the curtains so I could use that in the clothes as well.
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