Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you day is full of family and friends.  May you have many happy memories from today!

New Silhouette of my oldest daughter

my oldest daughter  silhouette I cut

My daughter had a choir performance over the weekend that had her group singing with Vocal point.   I did her hair for it and thought it looked good in profile.  Good enough that I wanted to do a new silhouette of her it had been 10 years since I did the last one so it is about time I do all of my children again.
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The dance

my daughter in brown vintage dress that I revamped
So this is how it came out in the end.  Headpiece, crinoline, sequins on dress, cumber bun, and last a satin choker collar with vintage pin on it as a necklace with a snap closure in the back.  My daughter and one of her best friends is in blue.  She got lots of compliments on her dress and I think she had fun so all is good in the end.

Belt Fall Harvest Dress

front of belt
So as I said I wanted a belt for the dress I was modifying for my daughter to wear to the fall harvest formal.  I decided on a cumber-bun belt that was in a pattern I have from the 1950's Simplicity 2089.

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Jack Frost / Winter Queen French Beading


Still playing with beads and sequins.   I think this one will be lovely for winter and can still be worn for Shakespeare week with a blue costume we have.

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French beaded Red Rose hair ornament


Encase you have been curious to what this technique is called that I have sort of been  doing French beaded flowers for the last two posts  The reason I say sort of is that I have never read any instructions on it just seen pictures and a few examples in real life and am going from the ideas I figured out from what I saw.
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Fall Harvest headpieace


I have wanted to make beaded flowers, berries and things of that sort for a while.  When I was modifying that dress the other day I got the idea that this would be a good time to experiments with it.

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Fall Harvest Ball dress

My oldest daughter has a formal to go to soon so I am working on a dress for her to wear to it.   The dress is deep chocolate brown hard to tell in the photos.  Also it has tulip sleeves which I for got to take a picture of from the side so you could see that.

right front detail

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