Homemade Sorbets…

Got a new attachment from Santa for Christmas so we made homemade sorbet for new-years eve.
left strawberry/blueberry sorbet   rght lemon sorbet
I am using a kitchen aide ice-cream maker attachment to make these.  The recipes are my own to make these and are listed below in the read more section.
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Merry Christmas…

on piano

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Gingerbread houses

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The kids made these with their dad. My children had fun right before thanksgiving making gingerbread houses with their dad. I some how misplaced this photo.

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Guardian Angel …cross stitch

detail of letters

Been busy trying to get a cross stitch done for a customer.   She always starts a cross stitch but then get behind on it so I end up doing them.   This one was not the norm as usually she makes one mistake and Ii find it and it is easy to fix and go forward.  
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Happy Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia and baby Jesus and nativity
My grandmother did this when we were little girls my older sister and myself.  We (my older sister and myself) would put on a crown of candles and walk through the house bearing treats.  Now that my grandmother has passed I guess it is time for me to pick of the light again and pass it on to my own children to do.  Above is one of two crowns we wore as children that my grandmother ( Vova had on display in 2009).

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Happy Sinterklaas

sinterklaas shoes 

Hope your day was full of toys and treats.  Not switches and coal.  Many happy holidays to you all.

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