Cape for Aunt March…dyed lace

dyeing lace

I made a cape for Aunt March over the weekend.  I did not have the color of lace I wanted so I took two mint green laces I had and dyed them the color you see in the pictures.   I forgot to take pictures of the lace before I dyed it wish I had so you could see the color change.

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Aunt March’s Petticoat


So in the play  Aunt March hands the family money some in the form of cash and some in the form of a check.  The check she keeps in her purse the cash she keeps in a secret pocket on her petticoat.
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Another hat for Aunt March


Here is a second hat I made today for my daughter to wear in the play.  This hat has lace on it that is over 100 years old.  The beads are also over 100 years old that I used to make the fringe on the tie.
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Aunt March’s hat updated


I added some flowers to Aunt March's hat.   I like it a lot better know.
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Aunt Marchs Act 1 dress and hat…


Here is the start of a costume for my oldest daughter to wear as Aunt March in the play "Little Woman".   The production is not till May but for once I can get ahead start and good becasue the costumes are crazy difficult to make.  This dress alone has over 154 cut pieces of fabric that have to be sewn together into a dress. I have lost count after that point but add about 20 to 30 more and that is this dress. 
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Chocolate Strawberries…mmmm

chocolate strawberries

My middle daughter wanted to make chocolate strawberries today.  We had just  bought fresh strawberries yesterday for cereal so much for that thought. 

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knitted sleeves for Levi Jacket

That jacket that I have been reworking for a while. ( posts : one, two and three ).  So now I am at again.  The sleeves are getting a little too thready.

hole in sleeve

First I lined all the areas I want to knit in with Romanian cord just so I have something to attach the knitted piece too.
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Colonial Costume on daughter

finished costume and hair style

Encase you were curious this is how the dress looked on my daughter.  I went back and did some bead work on the dress before she wore it to school.  I finished the dress Saturday.  But Sunday when I looked at it well it was just too plain for me.  So I added 3 yellow seed beads at the end of every leaf on the front and back bodice and sleeves.  Then I beaded all the vines on the front  bodice with red seed beads.  I like it much more now.  Click on the image to the right to get a better idea and see the details of the beads.

Happy Epiphany and Befana day

My grandmother had this witch in her house that we called Befana when I was a child ( we actually had a few of them).  She was the Italian witch ( more like a midwife I would say) In Italy the children wait until Epiphany, January 6, for their presents.
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Colonial Costume …

colonial costume for my youngest daughter

Friday night my family went to go and see the "Scarlet Pimpernel" the musical play version it ended real late, during the course of the play my youngest tells me she needs a costume for Monday at school.  So that means Friday is shot as no time to look up anything to even get an inkling of an idea for a costume.
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