little bits of this and that Mitts started

detailother side detail

I started to make these mitts yesterday.  I hope to finish them today.  I took a break from the play as my shoulders and arms got hurt the other day shoveling show in our yard.  You know you have a lot of snow in y our yard when you shovel it 5 times in one day .  Then you look at it a few hours later and everywhere you shoveled has a foot of snow again in the yard.  So I shoveled it again the next day and for some reason my right arm went all tingly and numb in some spots like I had pinched a nerve and others had lots of pain like a pulled muscle.

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Little bit of this and that make yarn

hand for size reference

 I had some sample yarn cards that I purchased at a thrift store a few years
lace weight gray wool used as binderago.  I had originally thought I would use them in embroidery but that never happened.  I also had this cone of wool in lace weight also from a thrift store a while back. Between the two items I spent about 4 dollars so no big investment to say the least.  I was straightening up my project area and the basket that held the yarn samples tipped over and fell next to some purple roving.

some of the sample cards A thought quickly ran through my head that I could spin the samples the same as I would roving and make 1 long piece of usable yarn that was multicolored and funky with a life of its own just like the rugs in my home that I make. 
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