>#17 of 25 motif tatting challenge


number 17

Ok, so I am not doing this very fast; too much on my plate. But I have worked on the challenge and this is the latest piece I am making. The thread is vintage and very small. It will be a nice delicate edging to add to my box of handmade lace.

size of lace and thread

>Tatted Edging #16 in 25 motif challenge

>Here is the newest piece in the 25 motif tatting challenge.

up close

I broke my shuttle while tatting this. Don’t ask me how because I don’t really know except that maybe I dropped it a few times too many. You can’t tell in the photo, but it is broken right in half through the post (unless you are a tatter and know that the ends are supposed to touch and not have a big space there).


>Tatting Callenge 14 & 15/rug



I have not done tatting in a while so I thought I would post it today. This is also one of those things I do while my husband drives the first and last parts of our daily commute. The pattern is 3 picot term 5 joins at first and last picot.I am doing these for the 25 motif tatting challenge this really has been a challenge for me to work this into my life so I have done simple patterns I wanted to do more complex but life is to complex at times and I just needed easy mental release when tatting lately. As you can tell from the photo I just started one and one has about 5 yards thus far. I have more of both of these vintage threads somewhere in my stash so I may dig more out after I run out of this thread to add to the length of these edgings. The red shuttles a gift to me by a friend on the internet. I think that is sweet of her this is my first time using them I am trying to get use to their quirks every new tool has quirks some good some bad still figuring these out.
If you like tatting also check out the mad tatter group on flickr.

Also in the top of this photo you can see the start of another project a red black and brown rug for my sister in law. I know she reads this blog this is not a surprise to her.

The other rug is done I just haven’t had a chance to edit photos and make the tutorial yet. But here is a picture of it for you all to see what it looks like. I hope my kids piano teacher likes it.

This rug is over 5 feet across I am standing on a tall chair with my arms as high as I can reach in the air trying to take this photo. It is a good thing my camera has a viewing monitor that pivots so I can do this.

>Felt Ornament Heart

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If you are thinking of Valentine’s Day and want a simple ornament or gift tag, you can always make one of these hearts; follow the last link to the tutorial. If you do make one, please feel free to join flickr felt creations group and add your photo; I would love to see them.

This would be real cute with tatted flowers, too, instead of embroidered ones. I may have to try that. If you make a tatted version, join “the mad tatter” group on flicker and add tatting ones there. If you have no idea what tatting is, check out this site the 25 motif tatting challenge.

>Item 13 in 25 motif challenge

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This is a ruffly, two-inch wide tatted edging; this is one of my favorite motifs. Everything is a count of 4 double stitches, that makes it easy to remember. The only exception is the two picots on the chains at the bottom where you attach to the fabric that has two double stitches between them; same goes for the three picot in the top large ring on the trefoil. Check out the 25 motif tatting challenge; there is some real cool stuff that has been made. I guess that puts me at the little over half-way mark.

2 inch wide tatting

>Item 12 for 25 Motif tatting Challenge


tatting true to coloe

Above is motif 12 for the 25 Motif tatting challenge. This was put on hold while I worked on the advent calendar tutorials. I was reminded that I was doing this and hadn’t posted in a while. So, here is the piece I have to post at the moment. It is a mixture of ring-only tatting and crochet. The top photo is true to colors of white and raspberry pink. The other two photos are not accurate for color; I had a hard time getting two more good images.

close up

The second photo is so you can see the pattern, and the last photo is so you can see some of the edging. All laid out, there are about 24 inches of lace. I made it as long as the pink would let me; because it was a piece of scrap thread from another project, I didn’t have much of it. Also it really isn’t good for tatting, the pink that is. It was South Maid crochet thread, which isn’t a very good quality thread, but I liked the vibrant color so I used it any way. However, I made sure it was for the crochet part of the piece. I have made a similar pattern in the past; I like mixing crochet and tatting. I think it is fun when the two textures meet and even neater when there are two or more colors to show off the color and stitch change.

showing yardage

Probably only another tatter would notice, but I didn’t pay attention to my photos and my tatting is wrong side up!
rings are 3 picot term 4

>25 motif challenge cont..

>Here is the next little bit of this challenge; it’s not as big as the other items I have done. I really haven’t had much time to work on this or the butterfly room as of late, so I combined the two. Here are two butterflies that I tatted out of antique size 10 crochet thread. These are actually the size of quarters; I just took my photo in macro mode so these look much bigger than they are. Together I will call them item 11 for the challenge.

>Z is for….

>ZZZZZZ…… I finally caught some Z’s the last two days. With school starting, and it being so far away, I spend most of my day driving to and from school or running errands in the other county. I have been getting about 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night. I made that up yesterday, and I will get some more tonight. I also did a little bit of tatting.


This is copy of a piece of tatted lace I saw at an antique store on Friday. I bought the spool of thread (at the same store). I just love the size of that wood spool of thread. Anyone who knows what size a shuttle is knows that that is very big spool of thread for $3.00, and I decided I would tat the pattern I saw instead of buying the lace. For some reason, I kept making mistakes on my rings and chains; I think it is from lack of sleep. Hopefully, the rest will look much neater.

The pattern is as follows:

Rings are : 4ds, picot 4 ds, 4picot ( with 1 ds between each of them), 4 ds, picot, 4 ds. close ring joins on first and last picot
chain: 4 ds, 4 picots (with 1 ds between each of them) 4 ds

I will add this piece to the 25 motif challenge; this will be item 10 for the challenge.

the Mad Tatter. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

>P is for….

>Pictures, or in this case, no pictures! My computer is not talking to the memory card of my camera, so this might take a little bit before I can post pictures again.
If you are into the tatting challenge, here is a site with a few patterns and lovely examples of tatting.

>N is for…

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antique tatting, originally uploaded by sunshine’s creations.

Number Nine in 25 motif challenge.

This is a photo of one piece of tatting that is in a salesman tatting sampler that hangs in my front room c. 1900.
Look at that price: 55 cents a yard. Wow, wish I could buy it for that price now!

Pattern starting with chain on left:

ch1: ch 4 picot ch 8 picot chain 8 picot ( future join place safety pin here to find this spot easily later), chain four

r1: 9 picot term 1 (join 5th picot to starting point)

**ch2: chain 5ds

r2: 9 picot term 1

chain3: 5ds( future join here*), ch 4, picot (future join), ch 8, picot , ch 8, picot( future join), ch 4

3r: 9 picot term 1, form join on 5th picot to first future join* on chain3** repeat

Please look at photo to see where joins are.

My other items for this challenge are here.

vintage crochet threadI used antique crochet cotton for this. Now, I wish I had not because it is a little too floppy for my tastes. Maybe I will do #10 with this same pattern but with tatting thread.

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