>Playing with letters and embroidery



For a long time I have wanted our family name on an item. I dare you to find the name Harbaugh on anything. I am not counting football stuff; I know there is some football player with that as a last name, but that isn’t the type of thing I want. So today, yes day off, I sat down and was playing with these letters. I had to enlarge some as they don’t print out at the same size, but that is fine. I have my lay out and now I just need to transfer it to linen and embroider it, when I have time; that could be a while. Not sure if I want to do traditional redwork or put color in the flowers.

This is currently 6 inches tall and 36 inches wide. Once it gets a boarder buffer, I think that should be a nice size. Will probably be 10 inches by 40 inches, maybe a little more.


>Just playing with abc’s

>S U N neongreen s h_McElman_070716_2420 I say I N E
If you would like to play with abc’s, too, go here. It is kind of neat what you can come up with, with just a few clicks on the mouse. I did not take these photos of letters they are pulled off flickr from a mixer on the link above. Just type in the words you want to see where it reads “Spell,” and have fun.

>Z is for….

>ZZZZZZ…… I finally caught some Z’s the last two days. With school starting, and it being so far away, I spend most of my day driving to and from school or running errands in the other county. I have been getting about 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night. I made that up yesterday, and I will get some more tonight. I also did a little bit of tatting.


This is copy of a piece of tatted lace I saw at an antique store on Friday. I bought the spool of thread (at the same store). I just love the size of that wood spool of thread. Anyone who knows what size a shuttle is knows that that is very big spool of thread for $3.00, and I decided I would tat the pattern I saw instead of buying the lace. For some reason, I kept making mistakes on my rings and chains; I think it is from lack of sleep. Hopefully, the rest will look much neater.

The pattern is as follows:

Rings are : 4ds, picot 4 ds, 4picot ( with 1 ds between each of them), 4 ds, picot, 4 ds. close ring joins on first and last picot
chain: 4 ds, 4 picots (with 1 ds between each of them) 4 ds

I will add this piece to the 25 motif challenge; this will be item 10 for the challenge.

the Mad Tatter. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

>Y is for ….


close up
Yoyos…..819 yoyos to be exact!

all 819 yoyos
This project was completed yesterday. It just sort of kept growing till I ran out of yoyos in this size. So, it has 819 yoyos, total, and I have 9 yoyos left that wouldn’t work into this very easily.
819 yoyos some of them
819 yoyos close up

Finished measurements are 21 1/4 x 41 1/4 inches.

>X is for …

>X-tra yoyos made into a yoyo runner. Started on Sept 2; finished on September 3. You can also see one of my hex afghans underway, next to the bench in the yellow basket. I also made the braided rug you see in the bottom of the photo.

I had a bag of yoyos from swaps, and ones I made that were just collecting, and it seemed like they were spawning in that bag. They were not being used, so yesterday I decided I would make a runner out of them to use who knows where. I may add to it at a later time, or I may not. There is a diamond pattern in this mini quilt that is a cluster of four different hues in the same color family. These are laid out more as I would hexagons and not yoyos, but it makes a pretty close solid piece of cloth. I’m wishing I had done this with my daughter’s blanket. Instead of having each yoyo only touch four other yoyos, here they touch six others. It would have made a stronger blanket for a kid, but since that started out as a table topper, I didn’t know it would end up a blanket.

yoyo runner

I had a hay fever sinus headache yesterday; that is what started this project. I wanted something to do that was quick and that wouldn’t involve being outside at all.

>W is for..

>What are you waiting for? Sign ups are now! Head on over to the group’s home page and get signed up for the block of the month swap on flickr. Below are some samples of the blocks that have been made and swapped thus far.Please feel free to check out the group just to see the pretty blocks made so far. You are welcome to join the group and not swap, too. If you happen to make the block, you are welcome to post it, even if you don’t swap it.

>V is for…

>Visiting yoyos. These are all the yoyo’s I have received so far for the swap at MJF. There are 5 more packages coming in the mail; I will post them as they come in. These are just visiting my home because I have to swap them out and send them back to the swappers, but it was fun to see them all for a short time.

YoYo Swap at MJF

1. the rustic cottage yoyos for swap, 2. pearlsandjeans yoyos for swap, 3. janetinva123 yoyos for swap, 4. levisgrammy yoyos for swap, 5. shannanstitches yoyos for swap, 6. patricia’s yoyos for swap at MJF, 7. yarnmama’s yoyos for swap, 8. shannanstitches yoyos for swap, 9. PlumCreekMama yoyos for swap, 10. carol sue yoyos for swap, 11. CKH’s yoyos for swap, 12. PTH’s and ASH’s yoyo’s for swap, 13. Mary Jane Lee yoyo’s for swap, 14. cheryl’s yoyo’s for swap, 15. owwlady yoyos for yoyoswap at MJF, 16. suzyhomemakers yoyos for swap

>U is for…

>Up and posting photos again! Yes, I am a happy camper (to say the least) so what have I been doing?

We, my oldest daughter and I, have been making boa scarves for a Halloween swap over at MJF, ruoughly 14 of these.

I have also been working on the mini yoyo quilt and the normal cd yoyo quilt.

I have also been taking my oldest kid to school and taking care of the one that fell down the stairs and the one that got pink eye, who is also the oldest, while I wasn’t posting pictures. I thought about taking a picture of her, the pink eye one, the first day of the infection. Can we say she looked like Quasimodo? Sad but true, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings by posting a picture of her that way, so I changed my mind.

I also made my block for quisic in the swap on flickr, the block of the month group. Since it is going to be mailed one day late, I also made next month’s block for her, too, as an added bonus and apology. So she will get one Aug. block and one Sept. block.
blocks for quisic

>T is for ….

>Time to look at a new version of an old tried and true favorite: the Cathedral Windows quilt. Over at Hyena In Petticoats there is a tutorial, but it has a twist on the old favorite; it has batting in it. Check it out if you ever wanted to make this type of quilt. If you do make some, please add them to the flicker group about Cathedral Windows Quilts. You can also check out her old blog on paper string cloth.
Cathedral Window Quilts /Robbing Peter to Pay Paul /Orange Peel. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

>S is for…..

>September block of the month.

Block of the month. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

This upcoming month in the flickr group the block that will be swapped is the Disappearing Nine patch. Please feel free to check out the group and join in on the fun. You don’t have to swap to be a member. If you are a great seamstress and don’t need truing up, start with a 4-inch block. However, to get the desired block of 10 inches finished (10 1/2 unfinished), most people need truing up; so, start with 4 1/2 or 4 1/4 for fudge factor. I hope I can post photos soon; this is driving me a little crazy. I would suggest starting with 4 1/4; that is what I did. It’s easy to do with little truing up but it is needed, truing that is.

Disappearing 9 patch
This block is not mine; it is fairbanksfancygoods and she gave me permission to post this so you could see what the block looks like when done. Please check out her photos on flickr.

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