Knit Easter Eggs/Teaching middle daughter to knit

all 3 eggs with hand for size reference

My middle daughter has been fighting me for about 2 years on learning to knit.   She always says she wants the stuff I knit and I keep telling her she can make it herself if she learns to knit, I do give her stuff but i was trying to get her to learn something new.   Which of course  she says she will never do, knit that is.   Well this very same daughter loves amigurumi….I had an idea brewing for a while on this…
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N. J. & Crocodile Amigurmi

amugurmi made by my middle daughter 

As you know if you have read this blog very long my daughters love to make amiguri animals dolls people.  Quiet often they make them for friends as gifts.    This first one is actually a friend…
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pearl cotton amigurimi

My daughters amugurimiMy middle daughter has gone on a crocheting  spree as of late and has been making lots of little amigurimi pets.  Some she has given away already so I missed taking photos of them.  Actually I have made tons of stuff lately that I have given away too.  But becasue I was making them for deadlines for friends I too have given things away without taking photos.  I need to get back into the habit of taking more photos. Summer and life have been busy and it just keeps slipping my mind to take photos sorry.

>Amigurumi year



dollmulting owletowl 
This last year my children have gotten into making crochet and knitted Amigurumi (first knitted one made ,kyesterday) .  They have improved much over the year.  This is not all of the amigurumi they have made as a they have given them to friends and such.  But it does show how their talents over the year have progressed the earl ones you could see the stuffing but now you can not see it any more.They have made most of these only 2 have I made for them as gifts.  I don’t know how well it shows up in the photos but one of the turtles tucks into himself that is why there are two photos of that one.  One with it out and one with it tucked in.
ladybugdollsnowmanturtles one the knitted one tucks ingiraffeturtles one crochet and one knit

jasmin puppymonkey

>Crochet Doll

>This is the doll I made for my middle daughter she wanted it for Christmas. I wasn’t able to get it made before the special day. So under the tree was a box full of supplies to make the doll and thread and other such items to make clothes for the doll. As you can see the doll only has shoes the reason for this is it is my daughter’s job to make the clothes and it was mine to make the doll. My daughter’s favorite color is blue so this little dollie has blue hair and blue eyes and blue lashes. Of course the first thing she made for her doll was something blue. I think I would have started with the under clothing but she wanted to make shoes. She wants to use some of the patterns later for the mini free spirit doll but for now she is making her own. If you want to make your own doll go to Beth Webber’s sight byhookbyhand for her free spirit doll and clothes patterns and many others too. They are on her side bar to make it easy to find them. This doll is still nameless at this point in time.


>Amigurumi Dog Finished



Here is Jasmine all finished. Sort of a little patchwork pooch. But she is done and my kid loves her. Since it is both mine and my daughters first attempt at Amigurumi it isn’t totally awful. But I can see where improvement can be made. For one thing don’t have a kid read the instructions to you or you will end up with two different size eyes and 2 different types of paws also it needs tighter stitches so stuffing doesn’t show anywhere. Better embroidery on the nose will take practice the yarn just kept swallowing the thread used. Trial and error learning experience all the same. At least we made this before we made the doll so it should be better the second go round.

backsidetop side

>Making an Amigurumi Dog

>My middle daughter really loves the Free Spirit Amigurumi doll and wants one for Christmas. Not sure I have time to make it so she started about making this puppy instead in a few scraps that we have so it doesn’t look exactly like the pattern as we didn’t have enough of any one scrap to make it solid in color and because she started late at night on Saturday we also didn’t have the right eyes for it so she found blue buttons. I helped her with this. She stitched things together and made the eyes, ears and a few other things such as stuffing the toy I made the rest as you can see it isn’t done yet. So I hope she will make more of it she still needs three more legs and her nose and mouth stitched in place.

Half done doggie

There was a dog she, my middle daughter, fell in love with when we last visited California that she named Jasmine but she was unable to keep it. The dog had been dumped and seemed to have brain damage from being tossed from the car. I don’t know why people do this but growing up in the country that is how we got most of our pets those that others tossed away. To was a sweet little Labrador, Chow mix ( had traits of both like purple tongue and things of that sort, not really sure what it was). My cousin decided it wasn’t safe and took it to the pound to the sadness of all my children and his own. Since then any stuffed animal that looks like a dog is named Jasmine thus the name of this toy. The dog had blue eyes so she likes that it has blue buttons.