Hanna’s last apron


IMG_2424IMG_2420This is the last apron for the character Hanna.  She still needs two dresses made for her.  This apron was sort of a pain to make I think I have not had enough good sleep lately becasue of all the sewing.  I tore out at least 10 different seams at least 3 to 5 times each.  It was truly a simple pattern I just could not think straight while sewing.  Once again I used a sheet I found thrift shopping to make the apron.

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Amy’s blue apron…and petticoat


This does not look like much by itself but with the blue dress that has a lot of details I thought it would be over the top to add a lot of detail to this apron. 
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3 aprons for Hanna

back act 1frontA lot of the characters in this play wear aprons. I  think I will be making over nine aprons for the play some will be pinafore like.  The three in this post are for Hanna the servant and family friend.  She is supposed to have four aprons but I have not made the last one yet.  These aprons I am purposely re-purposing old items as the March family and Hanna are not supposed to have money for new things.  So these are made out of old faded bed sheets a few have little holes in them and so on.

The gray apron is the first one the character Hanna will wear.  It is meant to be reminiscent of the military stripes the men wear.   It is made from a gray sheet that had zero embellishments on it.  The ribbon i used at the waist and hem was a piece of gross grain two toned ribbon I saved from a gift someone gave me.  There is velvet ribbon on the pockets same ribbon used for Jo's red dress from Act 1.  The black cord you see is southache braid again.  The buttons on the collar are antique jet buttons and true to period.  The flowers you see are made out of double sided satin ribbon with 7 bead centers.

sideI am giving each apron at least 1 pocket some two so that the actors have places to put props they will use on stage like unlit candles and handkerchiefs and things of that sort.
  Usually in a play you do not put your backside to the audience,.  But just in case that happens I wanted the back to be just as interesting as the front on the aprons sometimes more so.

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>Apron 10: christmas full apron



This is another one of those thrift aprons. My kids had me buy this one. I wasn’t going to get it as it didn’t really like it. It was made from a fabric panel and it is real thin fabric so I didn’t think it was much use as an apron. The kids wined and I gave in for $0.50. Not a big deal in all. Now that I have it I am glad they had me buy it as I don’t have any made from panels in my collection but this one. Of course it is hand made being made from a fabric panel and all. It has a large rounded front pocket. This apron was used right before this post to make caramels so it is a little dirty in this photo sorry.


>Apron 9 : hand made


full apron

This apron is one I made right before I stopped being a florist the last time. I had an apron at work and I liked the pattern so I brought it home and copied the pattern before I wouldn’t have the apron any more. You can see a few photos of the original apron in this post from my last week at work plus my old friends too. I like the original one better the colors and image are nicer. But this was never meant to be that apron just a quick knock out of the apron pattern for alter use. This version is made using vintage fabric and antique seam binding. I noticed that one of the bindings has come undone and needs to be fixed before it has major issues you can see it in the photo. It ties in the back and has a long neck strap that is just seam binding too and one large pocket. That is how the original was too.


>Apron 8 : Floral work

>Sorry the server is having an issue we are trying to fix it so you won’t see this post till after we have fixed the issue with our provider. For those reading this on face book this is my blogs feed as are all the the notes posted in my facebook pages.

This is my old floral work apron. This apron saw lots of work as you can tell from the stains and some really late night hours. May not seem that special to most people to me it represents friends I use to see every day and now I don’t see much at all. I wish them well.

>Apron 7 : From Central America


front details

This as a thrift store find too for $1.00. I have never been to El Salvador Central America. I like the image printed on this and that it goes all the way around the body. This apron is mainly used by my children as a craft apron so they don’t get their clothes dirty. The only thing I wish was that this apron was embroidered instead of a silk screen print. Has ties on both sides so that is can be easily dropped over the head. This is more of a smock style. I like the detail of the seam binding to hold it together and to give it an extra added detail. This is not home made which is easy to tell as it looks to be made for the tourist trade.


>Apron 6 : Half Apron for gathering


gathering apron

This is another thrift store find ($.50). I call it a gathering apron, because it has big pockets to place items in. If you run out of room in those pockets the bottom flips up and buttons to give you yet another larger pocket. It is to bad that the original maker didn’t line this or make it double sided because when the pocket is buttoned up you see the backside or the fabric and another fabric would have been a cute detail instead.

button detail
buttoned pocket

Good for gathering fruit as long as the buttons are sewn on well with strong thread to hold the weight. This is definitely a hand made apron nothing about it reads store bought. To begin with it has rick rack as detailing and large green buttons. The tie can be worn in the front if you have a waist that is 26 inches if not they tie in the back.

details of front

It has the look of a vintage apron but it uses reproduction fabric and is not true old fabric.

>Apron 5 : Rooster


rooster terry apron

I collect roosters so when thew girls and I saw this apron at the thrift store ($0.50) who could pass it up. It is made from terry towel material. We use it when washing the dishes as it is more absorbent than other aprons. I really love the graphic image on this mixed with the polka dots. It is one that was originally purchased in a store and not homemade. As you can see the ties are not really long enough for an adult toe wear in the front but the girls do. If you look close you can tell the bottom of the apron has some issues do to being used a lot by the kids.

>Apron 4 : Linen and Flowers



Here is another apron found thrift ($2.00) this one is linen with flowers on it. It was definitely store bought first as it has a printed label written in another language on it. Looks like linen to me if someone could read the label it is 100% something either cotton or linen.

can someome read this

It has metal links in the back to help with tying the apron closed. On the other apron I liked the metal links still trying to figure out if I do on this one. Makes it stronger and all but they are awkward to tie into.

metal loops on back for ties

I like the color on this sort of soft and muted in hue weird for me as I typically like strong bold colors. I like that it has two pockets on it.


It has two pockets which is always nice. Why do so many aprons only have one pocket.

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