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My children have been playing with boondoggling as of late.  This is what they have come up with so far.  I never really played with this as a kid I think I made one that was square like my youngest daughters and I don’t think I ever even finished it.  They just came back from camp and the youngest two learned how to do this there.  The oldest already knew how from teaching herself with scubidous, a tube cord, where boondoggling has flat cords but it is still the same thing.  This is a type of weaving.  I think the patterns are pretty neat on some of these.  They are still working on these the only two they considered done are  the black/white one and the glow in the dark one.  I assume there has to be a way to make the ends look more finished but I know nothing about this type of thing so theya re on their own on this one.

names for the same thing  Scoubidous, boongoggle and lanyard

Youngest daughters

youngest daughteryoungest daughter

Middle daughters

middle daughtersmiddle daughters

Oldest daughters

oldest daughtersoldest daughtersoldest daughtersodlest daughtersoldest daughtersoldest daughters