>12th day of the twelve days of Christmas and we come to the end

>Our secret elves did not let us see them tonight, but they did tell us who they are. They are the young ladies in my church (teenagers 17-18 years old and their teachers at church). Can I just say how great that is to me that teenagers would take the time to make such fun for my children. The children got so excited each night I couldn’t have asked for a better gift than to see my children excited about this sort of thing. I know, silly, but it was great fun for them.

We got ice-cream drumsticks tonight.

day 12 of 12 and we come to the end

Note reads:
The twelfth day has arrived, and on this our last night,
One dozen drummers would be a grand sight.
But the noise of their drums would hurt my head,
So eat these “drumsticks” we bring you instead.

And so we wish you a joyous Noel,
We know that you’re hoping our name we will tell.
We won’t keep it a secret because we love you.
Love, The Young Woman Laurels and Leaders too!

>11th day of the twelve days of Christmas

>Another day has come and gone, and I am exhausted from making centerpieces all day at work and shoveling my car out a few times today. So when we came home we got greeted by the 11th days gifts.

We got Stephen’s hot cocoa (chocolate mint truffle) to go with it mini marshmellos.

day 11 of 12 hot cocoa and marshmallows

Note reads:

Those eleven pipers piping remind us of the cold,
Of the chill and snow we don’t have to be told.
Now make your water piping hot, and fill your cup with care,
Then add some chocolate and marshmallows for flair.

note on day 11

>10th day of the twelve days of Christmas

>So we stayed out real late tonight, and it snowed on our gift, but I don’t think it got hurt much and will still work just fine.

We received a compilation Christmas CD.

day 10 of 12 days

Note reads:

Ten Lords a leaping would be an awesome gift
But they got stuck while jumping through a snow drift.
We had to be content and we hope you don’t think it strange,
Instead we got you their lovely music to give you more of a range.

>9th day of the twelve days of Christmas

>So the 9th day happened, and the girls all got a gift. Sorry, but I guess my husband is out on this one unless he wants to keep the bag. I waited ’till morning to take the pictures because I wanted them bright since all the photos lately have been taken when it is still dark out and it is driving me nuts to have such dark, gloomy photos. The quilt in the back ground I will post about on Monday.

So we received a real cute bag

day 9 of 12 front of bag
day 9 of 12 back  of bag and note

holding 4 sets of socks

items in bag on day 9

that actually fit us all (the girls that is; none for husband, but I don’t think he would wear them anyway, wink wink)!

day 9 socks on our toes

Here is what the note reads:

Nine ladies dancing would be too big a crowd,
Besides, their music is way too loud.
If you danced all night you would have tired feet
So here are some socks, relax and have a seat.

>8th day of the twelve days of Christmas

>Day 8 has come and gone, and here we are at the blog once again; tons of snow and snow shoveling. This one was an easy one for the kids to guess, and they got so happy that they have now guessed two right. Not great odds; pretty unique twelve days, I must say.

Yep, I bet you guessed it, too. MILK!!!!

day 8 of 12 days of christmas

Note reads:

On the eighth day of Christmas, we’re busy as a bee.
The eight maids-a-milking are as busy as we.
Before they could scatter, they did milk the cow.
Here is some milk to drink up right now.

>7th day of the twelve days of Christmas

>Well, we had tons of snow again, and my oldest daughter shoveled ’till real late, so they came real late at night. They left such a sweet gift, too.

Cream puffs

day 7 of 12 cream puffs

Note reads:

The 7th day of Christmas, and we are half-way done,
Remember no peeking or you’ll spoil the fun.
On this day of Christmas, how nice it would be,
If seven swans a swimming you could see.
The pond was quite empty since the swans have gone south,
We only found cream puffs to put in your mouth,

Have you seen the 12 days of Christmas giveaway

>6th day of the twelve days of Christmas

>The 6th day has happened, and I have to say this is the most unique 12 days I have ever been a part of giving or receiving. The children are having so much fun. When tonight’s item came, the kids all said in unison that it belonged to Pai because I think he is about the only one in the house who drinks egg nog.

day 6 of 12 days nog

However, they still got excited and thought it neat that their Pai gets his own special treat because they have claimed most of them for themselves.

The note reads:

Six geese-a-laying–an interesting sight;
One of them squawked and they all took flight.
What they left in their nest
You’ll just have to think,
And with these eggs you will want to drink.

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