>Quilts for Japan…Help needed

>There are people who need help, and warmth. Lets help them. This was not my doing but I want to help and go and contribute so it doesn’t matter a good idea is a good idea. My little family of five was talking Monday night about what we could do to help the people in Japan. I said I wish I knew how to donate fabric for quilts we prayed for answers for what we could do. Today my sister in law sent me an email with this information in it so here we go.

Saturday, March 19th

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

1075 W 1100 N (church building)
Orem, Utah

Come tie quilts to be donated to Japan. If you have twin or larger sheets, batting, or yarn you can donate, bring those as well. If you already have quilts made that you want to donate bring them and drop them off. If you have quilt tops made that you will never finish here is a good place to put them to use. If you bring some already done quilts and find me there I will have some of my yo-yo crochet books available to give out (I will sign them if you like) as a thank you coming with one or more pre-done quilts (meaning tied bound and ready to go) I will do that till I run out of my books I think I have about 15 left. Hope to see you there. Sorry if i run out of books but it is the service that maters most as there are people in need. But I wanted to say thank you in a small way.

Cookies provided. 🙂

Anyone who comes to help for at least an hour, or who donates materials will be entered to win a prize.

Please, if you’re in the Utah valley area, consider coming to help, if you’re not in the area, please donate as you are able to whatever relief effort you can.

Comment with any questions. Pass the word along to anyone who is willing to help.

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

more information here and here
updates here on this project

>When times are hard

In the current times this is a good saying, “Come what may, and love it.”

>Just Create

If you are wondering why I haven’t posted much about crafts and things of that sort lately, I messed up a few fingers on my right hand a few weeks ago horsing around with my oldest daughter. Her shoelace got tangled around some fingers on my right hand, and they have been tingling ever since, making it kind of hurt to do things with my hands. So I saved my hands for work and have been reading a lot lately; will get back into the swing of things soon because my hand isn’t tingling nearly as much.

>Just a warm fuzzy


>sights I see..

>These are things that I see almost every day on my commute:


Timpanogoes Temple (LDS temple).

Kinda hidden by weeds lately, but still cool, is this carved rose and other carved items such as corn and people all on this one farm that each Halloween has a corn maze.imgp8321
giant carved ear of corn from tree trunk
giant caved man from tree

On a side note, I will act as TA today in the classes I will be subbing for next week. I hope this turns into a career, and not just a temp job.

>Salt Lake City Temple and Surrounding Area


salt lake city  assembly hall
salt lake city  assembly hall
Sights around Temple Square

1. Reflecting pool, 2. Brigham Young Monument, 3. Autumnal tree on temple square, 4. MoTab

Went to conference yesterday in Salt Lake City. Such pretty things to see on the way to and from the Conference Center. Here are just a few for you to see. Top two pictures are The Assembly Hall on Temple square. Next is the reflecting pool, and fall tree on temple square and the Brigham Young Monument, and the Mo Tab Choir below is the Salt Lake Temple.

Salt Lake City Temple
1. salt lake city temple, 2. salt lake city temple, 3. Salt Lake temple, 4. Salt Lake temple