Cape for Aunt March…dyed lace

dyeing lace

I made a cape for Aunt March over the weekend.  I did not have the color of lace I wanted so I took two mint green laces I had and dyed them the color you see in the pictures.   I forgot to take pictures of the lace before I dyed it wish I had so you could see the color change.

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Kool aid Dyeing once again

dk cherry

It has been two years since we did this last and posted the how to.   My kids wanted to dye their hair last summer but it never happened, so we did it this summer.


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>A few projects…

>I have a few projects in the works at the moment.  They are going much slower than normal but I am progressing.  Look for the pattern of two of these fingerless mittens in early October (on the right side) they will be free patterns.  The other (green and yellow)is a pattern that someone else has on Ravlry.  The green and yellow wool is some I Kool-aid dyed over the summer with my girls.  My oldest daughter picked out the yarn for this project she liked the yellow and green together.

3 sets of half done mitts

>More kool aid dyeing


kool aid dyed wool

top ro

a strawberry on cream wool
b cherry on cream wool
c orange, lemon aid, and dk cherry on oatmeal wool
d lemon lime on oatmeal wool

bottom row

a ice blue raspberry lemon aid on cream wool
b berry blue on oatmeal wool
c grape on cream wool
d grape on oatmeal wool

This is my middle daughters strawberry kool aid hair for summer.

strawberry kool aidstrawberry kool aidfront back