>Baby Padded hangers


Padded hangers to protect all your heirloom quality infant and baby clothes. You can buy them here or on The Vintage Threads blog store.

padded hanger
white $2.00




This is the last day of the sale in my etsy store. Tonight at midnight I take the sale prices off of the items and they go back to their normal prices.

>Knitted Caplet


collar detail

New in the shop today. I hand knit this used four different sizes of knitting needles and one crochet hook. The fake fur edging is crocheted around the edge of the cape the rest is knit. There is a black glass button with an anchor detail as a closure on the collar of the cape.


>explore photos

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1. butterfly pillow, 2. suzyhomemakers mini quilt is done, 3. This block is made by clare, 4. 1st finished butterfly for curtain, 5. lt and dk pink tatting, 6. hex granny squares, 7. more antique tatting, 8. antique tatting,9. front, 10. redwork butterfly signature block, 11. style d, 12. layette set, 13. crazy daisies, 14. flower tutorial, 15. English Paper piecing tutorial, 16. bubble gum pink quilt #1,17. lazy daisy week 3, 18. back side dove, 19. felt snow man done, style:christmas colors

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>Etsy items

>Etsy is still having problems with their new version, so the items I would have posted today I am not able to load there.

So, hopefully, I will be able to load next Friday and just do all the items at once. I accept pay pal there now, as well.

>Etsy items


Here are some more burp clothes for etsy; the last were mostly girl oriented.

These are angled more toward little boys. A few can be for either gender. These are at Vintage Threads, Inc on Etsy.

>New items on Etsy


Hemstitched, hand crocheted, double thickness of flannel, burp cloths.

These are the new items on Etsy. There are a few more that are not pictured (I am still crocheting their edges) that are boyish. All of the ones pictured to the right I have two or three of each up at Vintage Threads,Inc. on Etsy.

These are a few days late in posting; I have had a very sick little girl since the 3rd.

Side note: blogger is being ornery; it keeps deleting the photos so if you can’t see it, I am sorry.

>Etsy items

Will post new items on etsy tomorrow.
It was delayed due to working on tutorial and signature blocks.


I forgot etsy if off line on the 4 and 5. I will post new items on Monday, the 6th of November. This is sort of good for me as I have a sick little kid at the moment.

>Etsy hair wraps (scarfs)


Hair Wraps

Four new hair wraps for etsy in three colors, burgundy, dusty pink, and rose (sort of mauvish).

They come in three different lengths:

  1. Short, 40 inches long
  2. Medium, 60 inches long
  3. Long, 80 inches long

These will be posted at Vintage Threads, Inc. on etsy within the next hour.

  1. They are all 1 1/4 inches wide
  2. Hand crocheted
  3. Made with vintage crochet thread (all the labels read boil fast not colorfast as people use to boil clothes to get them clean)
  4. Each comes on a card to keep neat while shipping and can be used to keep them pressed and neat looking when not in use.

>etsy romanian crochet needle lace bonnet


This is a handmade baby bonnet, size newborn to three months .
  1. Hand-stitched needle lace filling stitches
  2. Handmade Romanian Crochet Cord
  3. Picot double-sided satin ribbon

Sure to be an heirloom piece in any family.
Machine washable; very strong lace. This item will be at Vintage Threads, Inc. etsy today.

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