>Book sneak peak



Here is the badge I was given to show the new book”Countdown Calendars” I am in coming out in June. I love the photo the photographer too of my project in front of a window with the light streaming through it so cool.  You can pre order this book by going here you will not be charged till it ships in June.

Because of this book and my contract with the publisher certain items have been removed from my blog.  I will replace them and re -post those posts with new projects with a similar concept but different  than the book.  I will update when I have done that and give a link.


>Friends book Published…blue bird

>I was helping just be happy a little while back with her up and coming book. I was not able to post my photos at that time but her book is now out and I can show you what I did.  Please check out her blog too for more fun creations from her. I made a sample of  all the items in her book while I was testing them.  So you can see what type of items are in her book and maybe you want to buy one I will post one hat sample a day till I get through all of them. I believe I am listed as one of the editors in the book I have yet to see the hard copy to know how it exactly reads. She was a lovely person to help I hope she goes far with her crochet.  Her patterns worked up quick I made 3 and 4 hats a day while testing. sizes new born to toddler.

baby blue bird hat front
baby blue bird hat backbaby blue bird hat sidebaby blue bird hat 3/4 viewbaby blue bird hat front

>Countdown Calendars (New Book)


I have one project in this book coming out in June
by C&T Publishing.
24 stitched projects to celebrate any date
by Design Collective
#10764, 112 p, color 8 x 8
isbn 978-1-60705-174-9

>September Issue of Crochet magazine


What a way to celebrate my blogiversary.

See the new September issue of crochet magazine I have a choker and bracelet featured in it.  I might have another item in it but I have yet to see a hard copy.

Easy As 1-2-3 — Fun With Yo-Yos
Designs by Wendy Harbaugh
The center yo-yos in these fun projects look like individual little circles, but they are cleverly created in one continuous piece before the edging is added.


>My book is listed as the number 2 item in Annie’s Attic list of popular new items.  It started out not even on the list of popular items purchased so that makes me kind of excited that it is doing well.

Here is a piece of my screen shot so I can remember just made my morning.  This is for the book sales.

number two at annie's attick

This is for the PDF sales it is number 6.

number 6 in PDF sales

And on the over all crochet selling that annies attic does it is rated number 4.

 number 4 in crochet overall

>Now avaialble Yo-yo crochet book

>Learn to do yoyo crochet in book form is out and shipping

Learn to do yo-yo crochet

Learn to do Yo-yo crochet is also available on Amazon.

>Yoyo Crochet PDF Available


yoyo afghan tutorial is now up 

Yoyo croceht PDF

The PDF for this book is available through Annie’s Attic Site now.  So even though the book isn’t out yet you can buy the PDF and not pay shipping and get it fast and have it on your computer for easy reference and use.

front cover 

>Yoyo Crochet Tutorial in book form


My popular yo-yo crochet tutorial has now been made into a book so you can take it with you when you go places and keep it with your project.  Annie’s Attic has made it available for those who have asked when can they buy a hard copy the time is approaching

There are the old ways as well as a few new ways of manipulating the yoyos such as :Hexagon yo-yo, zig-zag yo-yo, granny square yo-yo, straight lines yo-yo and yo-yos in a chevron formation.  The techniques are discussed in the projects so you can learn to manipulate this very versatile stitch all the more and create some of your own unique projects as well as the ones in the book.

  • You can be put on a waiting email list so when the book is available to pre-order you will receive and email for it.  That area is in the link above in the box that reads “notify me”. 

I am so excited about this it is so weird to see my name in print on a book cover that can be purchased all over the world by a major distributor.  This is something I wanted to do for a while I hope to be able to do more things in the future.

Projects include

  1. baby blanket
  2. hex lap afghan( which has the hexagon pattern and how to join them in it)
  3. hex pillow
  4. trivet
  5. place-mat set
  6. matching hot plate for place-mat set
  7. shawl
  8. hat to match shawl (2 versions of hat one short and one longer)
  9. scarf 
  • Then there is the tutorial itself  which covers row construction, granny construction, joining has more info for different techniques than the one on my blog did

    Bonus explanations of how to use tutorial in the joining area of the book’s how to there is ideas how to make 3 more items

    1. granny square yoyo scarf
    2. giant yo-yo granny square baby car seat afghan
    3. granny squares (like my afghan in thread) with starting chain counts

    To clear up some confusion that may arise from the sites references.
    Annie’s site reads 8 projects and the cover reads 9 but there are 12 if you count the three explained at the end of the joining tutorial and then there is the tutorial itself.  I am not counting the second version of the hat as a separate pattern but if you did then add one more to the list.

    >The Wendy Tapes


    • This isn’t a new release just something I thought I would share about me.
    • Music by my good friend David Houston
    • Photos by another good friend Christopher Michael Paul
    • and yes that is my face on the cover

    I was in my late teens when the photos were taken and in my early twenties when this album was written.

    This is a taste of some of the sound on (v2.4 second release2004) sound on (first release1994) where to buy. There are two versions of this Cd as it was re-released remixed a few years after the first release with a new song added. There is some video footage if you follow the links back then click home. It isn’t of this music just other music he has done very nice all the same.

    >Yoyo tutorial received award


    Whip up honored my yoyo tutorial with a best crochet of 2009 award. I am honored and humbled thank you Whip-up.

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